Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Program

We are so excited for you to see our Christmas Program tonight!!

We practiced at Fellowship Church this morning and we are ready for our performance tonight!

The doors will open at 6:00 and the show starts at 6:30. The second graders should be dropped off at the Fellowship room at 6:15. We are not in the basement at all this year! Look for the signs : ) I will meet the kids there and check them in. Plan on taking your child's coat along with you. We will line up and watch the kinders before we leave to perform our songs. Then we will come back to that room so teachers can make sure the right kids get to the right parents. It can get crazy with so many parents and kids and two shows. So your patience is appreciated!

It is a beautiful church and the kids are so excited. We have a few soloists too! Feel free to email me or give the office a call if you have questions. See you tonight!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekly Update

We worked on writing an index and a glossary for our informational books this week. We talked about how each chapter should have a main idea and how authors need more than two sentences in a chapter to get that main idea across to their reader. The second graders are making great progress! In reading we have been closely mirroring our work in writing. We explored glossaries and indexes (I had to look that one up on Grammerist.com http://grammarist.com/usage/indexes-indices/) as well as looked at how many sentences are necessary to get a main idea across - from a reader's point of view.

We are getting close to the end of our 3rd math unit! We will review for our test late next week and probably take the test either next Friday or the following Monday. The first quiz is coming home today and if your child didn't do as well as you'd expect, don't worry too much. The #3 question was a little goofy and #1 wasn't exactly 9cm, but it was closer to 9 than 8. We will continue to work on these ideas for the next two weeks, and often the quizzes are tougher than the test. We will tackle the trickiest concept in the unit next week is comparing inches and centimeters. The second graders have to be able to explain why the number of cm is bigger than the number of in when they measure an object with both units.

We had lots of fun making crafts at our very own Elf Factory!
Spoiler Alert: Don't look too closely at what we are making!!

We leveled up again!!
These kiddos have been doing amazing with their behavior. With all the excitement over snow and a big break coming up, they have not lost focus on the work they have. We will have a Red Party on Wednesday afternoon next week, which will be nice the day after our Christmas program (6:15 arrival at Fellowship Church). The second graders can wear pajamas - that will work under snowpants - and we will watch a movie and have snacks. If you are out this weekend and see something yummy and red, we'd love for you to pick it up for the party!

We worked on our genius hour projects again this week. Everyone is doing something different. A couple kids are making posters, and a couple are making cards for a victim from the Sutherland Springs Church in Texas. Many of the second graders are researching and creating projects on laptops. We are so fortunate to be able to use a whole cart full of laptops every Friday afternoon. It has been a great learning experience for the second graders, because as soon as they learn how to do something they have to share that knowledge and help classmates with their projects. So they are learning about technology as well as their research topics.
Last, with all the snow you may be thinking of outdoor activities. . .

Ski & Snowboard Club
HPS Students, siblings and parents interested in purchasing Discount Ski Club Cards to Bittersweet Ski Resort in Otsego, can sign up now with the new Eagle Ski & Board Club online system (see link below).  You will be able to purchase club cards for only $16 (students and adults) and Eagle ski and board merchandise, along with club apparel. Cards allow discounted rates on lift tickets and rentals. Bus passes are not offered to elementary students.The deadline is Friday December, 15 with passes delivered the following week. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Bolhuis @ school.    

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekly Update

December is going to go by so quickly!!

Dates to remember for December:
8   I'll be submitting an order to Scholastic. You can send in a flyer or go online to order.
12 Christmas program at Fellowship Reformed Church
     6:15 Drop off second graders to classrooms
     6:30 Program starts
21 Class Christmas party
     2:45-3:30 Look for an email this week if you signed up to help out 🎅
22 Polar Express Day
     We will be kicking off our Holiday Break with hot chocolate and Polar Express activities!

The second graders have been working hard on finishing their first informational books and start their second. My goal is for everyone to have 3 or 4 done before break. Next week we will be learning how to add an index and a glossary to our books. We will also work on making our table of contents user-friendly for a reader. These features of nonfiction books are often easy to use, but tricky for the second graders to create. So we will mirror our writing work in reading and try to figure out authors' thinking when they created these features for their books. That way the second graders will have a better understanding when they go to write their own.

We wrote goals in writing after reviewing our pretests and the rubric. I did not direct their goals as much as I did the first time around, and I am pretty impressed with the goals they came up with. These second graders really know themselves as writers!

In math we have been working on measurement and shapes. The second graders are doing great with estimating measurements and are learning that an estimate doesn't have to math the exact measurement to be "right". We will take our first quiz for this short unit next week Tuesday or Wednesday.

We will also be going to the Elf Factory this week. Tuesday is our day to create! Speaking of elves. . on Friday we read stories and did a couple of crafts to kick off December. Check out these cute elves:
They'll be hanging out until break, so if you don't see your elf in the pictures you can check him or her out at the party or when they come home. They are so cute!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Update

It's hard to believe we had our yellow party almost a week ago! Thanks so much to everyone for sending in snacks. We made yellow crafts and had a great time!

We also took some time to be thankful last Tuesday. Each second grader got a feather with someone's name on it. Then they wrote a nice note to that person. It was fun for the kids to read something sweet from their classmates. It made us feel very thankful for the great kids we have in our class.

A quick look at this week:
In writing we are talking about the features of nonfiction and how they can support the main idea of each chapter and of the whole book. In reading we are looking for, you guessed it, the main idea or author's message. In math we are starting Unit 3 which is all about measurement and shapes. We are wrapping up our study of the 3rd Habit: Put First Things First because next week we will start on the 4th Habit: Think Win-Win.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekly Update

We wrapped up our week of tests in math with a fun Friday! This week we took a practice test, a summative unit test, and then a pretest. That's a lot of tests! Luckily only the unit test gets recorded for a grade. That test will come home on Monday with a progress report attached. After all that testing we needed some fun math, so we got out some new math games and played instead of starting our next math unit.

We will start Unit 3 in math when we get back from Thanksgiving break. This unit is all about shapes and measurement. It is a pretty short unit, so we plan on wrapping it up before Christmas Break.

One reason we aren't starting our new unit is because we are going to have our Yellow Party during math time on Tuesday. We are planning on wearing yellow, eating yellow snacks, and making crafts. This group of second graders loves to make things, so I am planning on giving them a whole bunch of paper, glue, markers, and scissors and just letting them create! They also requested yellow snacks, so I picked up yellow plates, yellow napkins, and some Lemonade Capri Sun. I was also thinking of picking up some peanut m&ms (yellow wrapper - that counts, right?) and buttery popcorn. We would love a donation of anything snack that is yellow, or has a yellow wrapper, that the second graders would eat!
In writing we are continuing to work on our nonfiction stories. We reviewed the rubric and worked on writing introductions and conclusions. Some of the second graders even got started on their first and second chapters. These second graders are really coming along as writers! Next week we will graph our pretests for the informational genre.

In reading we have switched up our reading partners and have been digging into nonfiction texts. We recorded facts and questions we had while reading and we just started to work on main idea and details. We will pick that work up after the break.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Update

This week we watched a video that I wanted to share with you. We are so proud of these kids! Ask your second grader which one of these kiddos is in our class!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekly Update

Thank you to everyone who made it up to school for conferences. This is such a great group of second graders and after meeting with all of you it is easy to see why. Thanks so much for your support of your second grader and what we do here at school.

A few notes:
This Friday, the 17th, is the last day for our PES Cares Food Drive. You can continue to send any nonperishable food or toiletries in up to that day. That is also the last day for Elf Factory order forms. If you need a new one let me know.

We leveled up to Yellow!! Everyone in our class has made it to yellow or higher. Ask your second grader what level he or she is on. It takes 10 punches on their punch cards for the second graders to move levels. Sometimes they get a punch for doing something individually, and sometimes the whole class gets a punch for something. I really like recognizing the great things they do, and it is so motivating for them. We are going to have a "Yellow Celebration" on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break. We haven't decided what that will look like yet, though I am sure everyone will vote for "yellow" snacks : )

We are almost out of Clorox wipes. If you get to the store or have an extra container at home we would appreciate them. We wipe down our tables at the end of every day!

This week the second graders really rocked math workshop. We worked on counting money and adding with regrouping. We are getting good at it! We took two quizzes this week that prove it : ) Only one of the quizzes came home this weekend though, because we took the last quiz of this unit on Friday. It's hard to believe we are getting to the end of this unit, but we only have one lesson left next week and then we will take our test! We will do a review mid week and send it home for you to review with your child, but the best review would be to go over the Homework side of the pages he or she brings home every day. I also sent our Big Ideas book. If you get a chance to go through that with your child that would be a great review too. They have to do a TON explaining in that book, and you can see what they understand and what they don't when they have to talk through their thought process. My plan is to take the test on Wednesday. We will also pretest the next unit next week.

Maps were due on Friday and I think just about everyone finished. Some of the kids would have worked on days and days more adding details and coloring. I will get them scored and back to the kids this week. They put a lot of thought into the features they included and fun creating them!

In reading and writing we have been studying non-fiction features. We will continue this work next week as we talk about how to read and write non-fiction. Many of the second graders have already started, but next week everyone will pick a topic to learn about at reading time in preparation for creating a non-fiction book at writing.